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3rd Annual Rail Cyber Security Summit

Our event is now over! What an amazing success! Thank you to all of our participants from Europe, Beijing, Australia, Malaysia, Japan and more! We will be announcing our follow up shortly! 


On March 13th and 14th 2018, the Cyber Senate Rail Cyber Security Summit returns to London United Kingdom to address the evolving cyber threats to global rail infrastructure.
Advanced digitisation widely deployed to increase enterprise efficiencies, network optimisation, enhanced asset visibility and increased shareholder value, has also created a proliferation of endpoint vulnerabilities throughout a legacy system historically isolated from such threats.
From passenger information systems to IT and OT converged architectures and the rapidly advancing deployment of the Internet of Things, the C suite now have a challenge on their hands that may increase profitability but also may prove to have severe consequences capable of effecting the ability to run and operate rail infrastructure safely.
Join us as we address change transformation, cybersecurity and safety, maturity models, governance and share technical case studies from front-line IT and OT leaders. Together we will assess command and control system vulnerabilities, see demonstrations from pentesters, address best practice in the supply chain, IOT, endpoint protection and third-party risk. We will look at how the industry is developing a culture of awareness through training and how they are managing the skills gap. Further discussion will include the potential impact of insurance, how we are redefining procurement language, but most importantly, how the industry can better develop its response capability and leadership.


Who Attends?
Who Attends?

The event is targeted at global Train Operating Companies and Asset Owners, the rail eco system and supply chain, and cyber security subject matter experts working with the Cyber Senate.
Job titles should include but are not limited to: Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Information Officer, Head of Governance, Head of IT, Head of Operational Technology, Safety and Security Directors, Technology Directors,  Emergency Preparedness, Head of Global Information Security, Head of Strategy Risk and Compliance, Head of Information Risk, Rolling Stock Directors, Leasing Directors and Enterprise Architects.

  • Gain further insight into how the rail sector are coping with evolving cyber threats

  • Hear case studies from leading Train Operators,  Asset Owners, Rolling Stock providers and Cyber Senate cyber security subject matter experts

  • Understand how we can further develop a culture of awareness, manage the cyber skills gap and benefit from more effective public and private information sharing

  • Network with front-line asset owners, business leaders, hackers and cyber security subject matter experts

  • Take away actionable insight, lessons learned and best practice gained from those on the front line of defending the enterprise

About Us
About Us

Our Mission
To facilitate significant progress in reducing the cyber vulnerability of our critical infrastructures through genuine teamwork on a global scale between public and private sectors

Our Undertaking
“Developing resilience with outreach platforms that contribute to the solution.”
Dedicated event initiatives designed to raise awareness regarding issues that require international attention. The Cyber Senate foster collaborative interchanges among infrastructure and security industry stakeholders essential for developing this teamwork.
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Unisys Cyber Security Sponsors Of The Rail Cyber Security Summit London 2018
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