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Please read before purchasing tickets.
Terms & conditions from Sagacity Media Ltd:
By registering you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.
The Cyber Senate, a division of Sagacity Media Ltd reserve the right to refuse admission to the conference if payment has not been received. Delegate bookings cannot be cancelled once agreed, however we will accept a substitute. Tickets cannot be shared, however additional tickets can be purchased. Please book responsibly.

Sagacity Media and the Cyber Senate cannot guarantee delegate numbers or attending job titles due the nature and risk of live events. Sagacity Media accepts no further liabilities whatsoever if the event this conference is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to an Act of God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that makes executing the conference or workshop impracticable, illegal or impossible. Acts of God and unforeseen events include, but are not be limited to: war, fire, labour strike, terrorism, extreme weather or other emergency. Sagacity Media will not accept liability for human error or accidents on behalf of delegates or accept accidents on behalf of venue owners. Please ensure you have adequate insurance for attending conferences.

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