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Siemens Mobility GmbH – Services

The economic efficiency and availability of rail service are the keys to your success. Siemens Mobility Services helps you attain these objectives as your reliable partner. With our groundbreaking technologies, more than 100 years’ experience and a worldwide network of experts, we help you optimize your operations and utilize your assets more efficiently. An important ingredient is digitalization – ranging from the prospective analysis of complex technical questions to prescriptive maintenance and on through to next-generation business models that enable you to focus on your core business of mobility. 


Cylus, the category leader in protecting mainline and urban systems, has created the first-to-market cybersecurity solution developed specifically to meet the unique needs of the rail industry. Led by veterans of the Cyber R&D Division of the Israel Defense Force’s Elite Technological Unit, together with former top rail executives, Cylus has deep expertise in both cybersecurity and rail.  Visit Cylus at



Applied Risk is focussed on critical infrastructure security and combating security breaches that pose a significant threat. Operating on a global scale, we work with a wealth of large organisations that rely on our expertise to safeguard their critical assets. Our proven experience of identifying vulnerabilities and security risks is based on methodologies honed over years of conducting assessments in industrial environments. Please visit



RazorSecure leads the way in providing cyber security solutions for the rail industry in association with our partners Icomera, and our customers Arriva, Siemens, and others.

Providing a host-based intrusion detection software solution based on anomaly detection, with on-device decision making enabling an autonomous response in the event of an attack. Visit